Art aficionados from around the world are flocking to the city as art season descends upon Hong Kong. With its knack for attracting a global mix of connoisseurs, artists, gallery owners, VIPS and celebrities, art season features Art Basel, Asia Contemporary Art Show and Art Week to name just a few. The champagne-soaked week can be tiring and arduous, with the city going into overdrive, but one thing’s for sure – Hong Kong is well and truly on the global art map.

Having attracted over 60,000 visitors, Art Basel returns to Hong Kong after its debut last year. A show of global proportions with artwork and collectors flying in left and right to our little corner of the world, it proudly showcases a “Rich mix of high-quality work from the leading galleries and artists from both East and West,” which can be found no where else in the world, says Art Basel’s global director Marc Spiegler.

With a selection of the most prominent names in the art world such as Murakami, Hirst and Emin displayed around town, the city’s homegrown artists are also highlighted. This is even more apparent at the Asia Contemporary Art Show, directing its VIPS to more than 150 events around the city. “This is vital for the Hong Kong local art scene,” states Bonhams Asia chairman Colin Sheaf, adding that the city’s thirst for contemporary art is growing.

This year’s Asia Contemporary Art Show is their largest edition yet, featuring over 3000 paintings, sculptures, limited editions and photographs coming from 19 different countries. Members of The Reserve will be able to browse through Banksy, Yoshio Yoshimura and Mikhail Molochnikov, enjoy the luxurious VIP lounge at the Conrad Hotel with scoping views, and continue on to discover highly rated emerging artists from countries as diverse as Vietnam, Spain, the US and Australia.

Asia Week features art from our own continent, making sure that it gets the attention and showcasing it deserves with Asia-focused exhibitions, lectures, book launches and gallery tours scheduled over 10 days. In collaboration with International Antiques Fair, art is represented from all regions and epochs of Asia. Our new partner, Asia Week, has extended an invitation to members of The Reserve to be among the first to use Bonhams Hong Kong’s brand-new headquarters to preview exquisite lots of fine jewellery and watches before auction, including an impressive 5.13-carat fancy pink diamond and an iconic platinum Patek Phillipe. Bonhams Hong Kong boasts the most technologically advanced headquarters, complete with auction rooms that allow sales to be done on site – another example of boundaries being pushed in Asia all in the name of art.

Here at The Reserve, we suggest you head to the Mandarin Grill to savour in their delectable art-themed gourmet meal as you get your event calendar in order…

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