When you fall in love, hormones like adrenalin, dopamine and oxytocin flood into your brain. Your pupils dilate, your heartbeat accelerates and your skin tingles. You might even feel a little faint. Those are just the physical symptoms. At a psychological level, when we see something exquisite we often have a deep desire to possess it. This can be true when we see a person or a physical item, or even when we revel in an experience.

Chances are, everyone will fall in love with Avadina Hills, a new private residential development in Phuket, Thailand. Possessing it, on the other hand, is something that will be reserved for only a fortunate few.



It’s difficult to define a single characteristic that makes this property so extraordinary. An artist would probably point out their sense of symmetry and refinement. An architect would agree, but add that it’s the balance of materials and environment. An engineer would be impressed by the design and craftsmanship, not to mention the reputation of the developer. A travel agent would say “location, location, location” amid a tropical forest yet close to the most upmarket resorts in the world and proximity to an international airport. And a real estate agent? Frankly, they won’t know where to begin.

We’ll start in the forest. The 21 villas will be separated from one by lush natural foliage, designed by landscape artist James Hyatt from the USA to offer privacy, views and natural wildlife. They are in an elevated position, spread over 100 rai (16 hectares / 40 acres) forest that was once a rubber plantation overlooking the bay of Bangtao and the famous Layan Beach.

When you first view the rendering of an individual villa, it takes a while to register that a single owner will possess the whole thing. Each villa is approximately 2,000 square metres (21,500 square feet) in size, plus or minus depending on the specifications chosen. At least 744 square metres are enclosed, although this being southern Thailand, the outside areas and pool are welcoming all year round. The villas have four to eight bedrooms including a master suite that is 104 square metres alone. Owners will have an option to create an additional 220+ square metres of space on a third level. With the same astounding views on offer, perhaps you’ll opt for a gym, a yoga room or a study – or maybe all three since there’s enough space. What about a separate games and playroom for the kids? We’ll leave you to negotiate that with your loved ones.

Each villa is spread out over two or three tiered levels. The walls are mainly floor to ceiling glass – when you see the views you’ll know why – with reflective pools to add lustre. Premium surfaces inside are among the best available, including granite, teak and marble. The kitchen is as stylish and functional with appliances by Poggenphol and Gaggenau. Actually there are two kitchens. There is a show kitchen for hosting a small get-together with friends and family with an open plan adjacent to the dining area so you can cook and eat while watching the sunset over the Andaman Sea. The villas face south and west, so you can begin to imagine the glorious evenings you could have here. There is also a service kitchen for those occasions when staff is doing the cooking, and with an abundance of space you’ll be able to stage some impressive gatherings.

The master suite stands out at the front of the villa with arguably the best views. The 21 metre pool is just steps away, so with villas being completely private, go ahead, just dive in whatever you’re (not) wearing. It’s an infinity pool overlooking the beach, so you’ll feel as if you’re floating above the Andaman Sea.

Luxury and comfort abound. If you can think of it, it’s probably there. Lush landscaping on the private drive, an elevator inside the entrance, a poolside barbecue, CC TV at all entrances and 24-hour manned security.

Avadina Hills, Phuket / Kajima


The developer could hardly have a better pedigree. You may know the Kajima Group of Tokyo, Japan, as the talent behind Four Seasons Resort Hualalai, Hawaii and St. Endréol, Nice. Founded in 1840, they’re no fly-by-night operation. Today they are Japan’s leading architectural, design and contracting firm, creating everything from skyscrapers, airports and dams to luxury residences like Avadina Hills. Kajima Group can be trusted to deliver. You can read more about Kajima’s impressive history here.

The architect and interior designer is Takenosuke Sakakura of Sakakura Associates, specialists in the most high-end private residential villa design. Takenosuke’s father founded the company in the 1930s and worked closely with le Corbusier in creating a modern Japanese style with an indoor-outdoor aesthetic.

Takenosuke Sakakura continues this. We asked him what inspired his design for Avadina Hills. “Island life is my personal pleasure; I love those kind of feelings. The purpose of this kind of resort is for people to feel relaxed and comfortable. That’s the most important thing. They work very hard in the city and they need just for a while to get out of the city and feel comfortable and relaxed.” How would you describe the style of architecture? “It’s a mix of Japanese spirit and modern design. The equipment and electronics are very fancy too, so it’s a mix of Japanese spirit with modern architecture and modern technology.” After three years working on the project, what strikes you most about the result? “This is a much nicer view than I imagined it would be – that’s a good surprise.”



Maybe you’re tempted now, but do you want to commit yourself to Phuket?

Phuket is a12-hour flight from London or Paris, nine from Sydney, less than two from Singapore or Bangkok, three and a half from Hong Kong, five from Mumbai, six from Beijing and 17 from New York or LA. That makes it a secure base in the East, with easy access to both the Pacific Rim and India. If you’re not arriving on a private jet, many major airlines have services into Phuket via codeshare arrangements through Bangkok, Singapore or Abu Dhabi among many others.

Once you’re here, you will see for yourself that many of the negative preconceptions of Thailand’s resort scene are quickly becoming a thing of the past. The government has cracked down on illegal or unsightly developments, paving the way for a luxurious, upmarket community. Phuket is now one of the world’s most desirable travel destinations, featuring an authentic Old Town complete with 200-year-old architecture. It has also become a popular choice for spa holidays – Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell recently spent a holiday here together and Kim Kardashian brought her sisters.

A well as the beaches, the bars and the relaxed and friendly Thai vibe, there are five-star resorts nearby, all with fine dining, shopping and exclusive sports facilities, including an award-winning 18-hole golf course and two marinas.

Are you tempted? The villas are priced from THB270–320 million (approximately US$7.5–9 million). The buying process is well thought out, with a renewable 30 years lease that has tax advantages. As one of just 21 owners in Avadina Hills, you will jointly own the development and if you choose to, you will have a direct say in its management.

With the positive upward trend in Thai property prices and the growth of Asia as the world’s dominant economic powerhouse, luxury property in Phuket also represents great investment potential. But let’s not think about that right now – not while we’re busy falling in love.

Meet the Avadina Hills team:

To arrange a private meeting or a personal tour of the property, please contact us at member@thereserve-asia.com.

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