In recent years precious metals have become a popular form of wealth protection but the logistics of purchasing and storing can be complex. However, one Hong Kong-based company specialises in giving individuals expert advice and direct access to the physical bullion market as well as providing a complete in-house service package for the purchase, transportation and storage of precious metals. We spoke to Joshua Rotbart of J.Rotbart & Co. to find out how he helps HNWI enter into the precious metals market.

What exactly do you mean by precious metal procurement?

This is essentially the process by which you source, buy, transport and store your precious metals. Typically these metals are bought by HNWI looking to diversify their portfolio because something like gold bullion tends to buck the trend when other assets aren’t performing so well. At J.Rotbart & Co. we provide individuals with transparent and secure access to the physical bullion market. We offer them an end-to-end service and work with partners such as Malca-Amit to transport and store the asset anywhere in the world.

Is J.Rotbart & Co. a financial institution?

No, it’s a privately held company which is not part of the financial system. We meet the needs of HNW and ultra HNW individuals who are looking to diversify their investment portfolio into physical assets and want to hold them outside of the traditional financial institutions.

What kind of metals do you supply?

We supply newly minted bullion bars and coins sourced from refineries and dealers that are members of the London Bullion Market Association. In terms of metal, we offer gold, silver, platinum and palladium but in the future we are looking to diversify and offer more products.

What trends are you seeing in the market today?

Investors have been shifting their holdings from banks to private alternatives because physical precious metals holdings reduce exposure to systematic risks. With issues such as the financial crisis of 2008, the downturn in Cyrpus in 2013 and now Brexit, trust in the financial systems is eroding fast. HNW clients understand that keeping their wealth in the financial system alone is not as safe or lucrative as it used to be. This is why we’re seeing a tremendous increase in people buying physical precious metals, fine art, gem stones and even hard liquor to diversify their portfolios and assure a high level of wealth protection.


How do you see demand changing in the next year?

Looking at the data on the purchases of physical precious metals around the world, especially gold, it’s hard to ignore the increase in demand in recent years. From individuals to investment funds and central banks, the purchasing of these assets is very much on the rise and I see this continuing.

What makes precious metals a viable alternative investment?

Our clients are looking for new strategies for wealth protection and preservation. Gold has been associated with wealth for five millennia and it is only natural that people will use it as a trusted form of protection. Long term, there is confidence that gold and other precious metals will keep their value. The latest volatilities in the global equities market highlight the importance of gold and other precious metals as a vehicle to store value.

The latest volatilities in the global equities market highlighted the important role gold and other precious metals have as a vehicle to store value. We saw increased demand for more physical holdings of clients who got worried.

What happens to the physical product after it has been bought?

Once the bullion is bought by a client we deliver it to their chosen vault which could be anywhere in the world. Our staff examine, weigh and store it and then send the client a storage receipt detailing the holding. We fully segregate and allocate the bullion so that people know exactly what they own outright.

How is the bullion identifiable to the individual?

Each bullion bar bears four unique marks – the refiner’s hallmark, the bar’s weight, its purity and a serial number. Therefore the storage receipt details the exact holdings of each client thus allowing us to guarantee full allocation for each client.

How can people be sure their asset is safe?

We buy bullion from reputable refiners so we can verify the authenticity of the bullion. Storage and transportation services are provided exclusively by logistics companies that are members of the London Bullion Market Association, such as Malca-Amit. Clients can either take delivery or utilise a global network of vaults where the goods are stored under extensive liability insurance policies. We always recommend clients to come to the vault and inspect their goods, or to assign a reliable third party to do so on their behalf.

What’s the process of buying physical assets through J.Rotbart & Co.?

The process is quite straightforward. Clients need to open an account with us and then we conduct the relevant due diligence. Once the the account is confirmed we ask the client what metals they want to purchase, how much they want and where they want to store it. They also have the option to take direct delivery. Then it’s a matter of wiring the funds for the purchase and within a few business days the metals will be delivered.

The DOs and DON’Ts of investing in gold:


For a personal consultation with Joshua Rotbart, please contact us today at member@thereserve-asia.com.

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