Angelo Umali is the co-founder and CEO of Simple Wearables, a healthcare tech company based in Hong Kong with global ambitions from its inception. Their first product is a wearable device that provides peace of mind to the elderly and their loved ones.

You are creating technology that will help the elderly. Where did this idea come from?
My inspiration is my lovely 92-year old grandma who lives in the Philippines. She is using a walker and if she falls down, we need to alert the emergency services right away. My grandfather passed away 30 years ago, all her classmates are gone and her kids and grandkids live outside the Philippines. So, we needed to create a device that could ultimately provide peace of mind to her and her loved ones.

How exactly can your device help?
Our wearable device can determine when a patient has had a fall. Fear of falling has restricted the elderly from walking around and living a healthy lifestyle. In the event of a fall, our device can call and text the appropriate emergency contacts. We are also currently incorporating a GSM chipset with micro-SIM, speaker and microphone for our Version 2 product.

Have you had any feedback from hospitals so far?
Hospitals are looking at ways to offer remote healthcare services. The data collected on the device will be synced to the cloud, which hospitals can remotely access via the web or mobile app we are also developing. In fact, we already have a leading hospital group in the Philippines signed up to receive the first 100 products for testing.

What sort of experience do you have in this field? Are you doing the development by yourself?

My co-founder and I architected, designed and built the system. I got my Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and Stanford University and this is my third business so I am not only familiar with the technical side but also with the intricacies of building a company from scratch. My co-founder, Edwin Li, has a Bachelors degrees in Telecommunications and Microprocessor Applications from Swinburne and Deakin University. Together, we have 24-years combined experience in this field, having worked together before at Agilent Technologies, based in Silicon Valley.

What’s your progress to date and what will funding at this stage help you to do?

In addition to having a leading hospital signed up to use the first 100 products, we have already created two prototypes that are smaller than a HK$5 coin. This prototype will detect a fall and send alerts through a Bluetooth activated phone or tablet. It can also be programmed to incorporate medication reminders. We will use funds to continue designing more complex circuit boards with GSM network capabilities, allowing it to progress into a standalone device. We also plan to hire full time software developers and sales people to help us expand in Asia.

How will your company make money?

We make money in two ways: firstly, through sales of the device itself and secondly, through a monthly subscription service for families and hospitals. In the future, we will provide big data analytics for insurance providers and healthcare institutions.


Company name: Simple Wearables Limited
Date founded: August 2013
Investment sought: US$1m
Equity offered: (TBC)
To invest: Email

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