Bentley Hybrid Concept

Bentley Hybrid

Unveiled in Beijing this Spring, the Bentley Hybrid Concepts is the luxyr brand’s first plug-in model. The technology was showcased in the flagship model Mulsanne and will be available in the SUV from 2017 – time to get on that waiting list.

Price TBC

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Luxury Italian jewellers Buccellati have branched out with the launch of gold and diamond cases for the iPhone and iPad. Inspired by Leonoardo Da Vinci’s drawings of the sun, they feature clusters of white gold and diamonds atop a fine gold surface.

From HK$1.6 m

Composition 2 vases Zaha Hadid incolore  2014 © LALIQUE SA



Architect Zaha Hadid has teamed up with crystal house Lalique to create this Crystal Architecture collection. Take your pick from the Manifesto and the slender Visio tower.

From HK$125,000

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This portable champagne kit is ideal for summer parties with 20 bottles of Moët Ice Imperial champagne, 24 glasses and five ice buckets. The ultimate mobile bar.



Gold & Play

Kit out your penthouse pad, yacht or private jet with this hand-crafted chess set made from solid gold and diamonds. It certainly won’t go unnoticed on your games table.

HK$2.6 m




Zero Gravity

Live out the ultimate experience of weightlessness, without having to venture into space. Take one of S3’s first zero gravity flights departing from 8 Asian countries including Hong Kong and Macau from January 2014.

Starting from HK$22,000



Chateau Cheval Blanc

Impress at your next dinner party when you bring out a bottle of the renowned Chateau Cheval Blanc 2005. Add the rest to your wine collection.

HK$57,4000 for six


Liquid Filled

The sapphire crystal and titanium case of the futuristic Type 3 Ressence is filled with fluid to refract light like air so that the dial appears raised to the surface of the watch. The whole dial acts as the minute hand, rotating once an hour, while the other hands rotate within.


diamond black safe box HD

Private Collection

If your safe isn’t quite in keeping with the jewels you keep inside you might want to think about investing in this luxurious version. Inspired by black diamonds, the exterior is covered in silver leaf, while inside there are separate compartments for all your prized possesions.


JBS_Scotland Driving Experience.pdf-3

Drive By

Get behind the wheel of an iconic super car and take the open roads of the Scottish Highlands this ummer. Whether you choose a Porsche 911, Ferrari 548 or Lamborghini Gallardo, don’t forget to stop off for a tour of one of the Speyside’s famous distilleries or a round of golf.

Starting from HK$32,000


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