Designed by Secured Worldwide, VULT is an innovative asset that acts as a portable diamond vault that conveniently fits in the palm of your hand. Offering only GIA-certified diamonds that are laser engraved with a certificate number, VULT is designed for buying and selling diamonds, gifting diamonds and preserving wealth.
As easy as VULT can be purchased, it can be sold at any time through the company’s proprietary web portal. Every VULT can be instantly recognized, authenticated and transparently priced. VULT is perfect for celebrating milestone events like births, weddings, anniversaries or career achievements, marking these precious moments with an increased level of grandeur and sophistication.

As a member of The Reserve, this partnership may provide you with exclusive opportunities and benefits, such as:

  • The opportunity to be among the first in Hong Kong to have access to VULT
  • Invitations to events to experience VULT for yourself and to meet the innovative team behind the brand
  • A personal introduction to the company’s top talent when they visit Hong Kong

If you would like to benefit from these member entitlements feating VULT, please click Reserve me to register your interest.