Diamonds. The most concentrated form of wealth and arguably the most beautiful. Whether gifting diamonds or cherishing them for yourself, possessing them is as much a sensory experience as it is an investment. Now a New York City company has developed a unique way of holding your wealth in a form that is not only safe, but lets you enjoy the experience, too.

It’s called VULT.

Designed for equitably buying and selling diamonds, gifting diamonds as well as preserving and securing wealth, VULT cleverly combines three vital investment qualities: the simplicity and portability of the most concentrated form of wealth, the latest security technology and the most stylish way of showing off your diamonds since some clever chap – or perhaps his fiancé – invented the engagement ring.

VULT overcomes many of the issues that regularly trouble investors looking to diamonds as a way of diversifying their portfolios. Just how fungible, liquid and reliable are diamonds as an investment? A report in the Financial Times pointed out that while diamond investments had performed well in recent years, consistently beating equities, until now they had posed some practical problems. Unlike gold, not every diamond is the same. Each diamond must be graded and valued individually. If you decide later to trade them, a typical diamond dealer will only pay 50 to 65% of their assessed value. And how do you carry them around, given that tiaras will almost certainly set off the alarms at airport security checkpoints and that little velvet bag is sadly lacking in gravitas? Through technology, VULT transforms diamonds of opaque, uncertain value into a transparent, equitable investment opportunity. Scroll down to view a brief VULT video.


The creators of VULT, Secured Worldwide, believe they have solved all those problems by creating a transparent and equitable investment alternative that will revolutionise the diamond investment market. In the process, they have also created a breathtakingly beautiful object in its own right. Who do they see as the likely buyers? According to Joe Lipton, CEO of Secured Worldwide, “Our customers are ultra and high net worth individuals. They are likely to be discerning, well-to-do individuals who are looking at possible investment alternatives. VULT is a beautiful product to own, as a collectible or as a gift. It will appeal to lovers of technology and luxury.”

When you hold a VULT, its packaging does not fail to impress. The outer case is constructed from sintered zirconia, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand or tuck away in your wallet but sturdy enough to feel substantial and seriously exclusive. The diamonds in each VULT are securely housed beneath tamper-proof sapphire crystal and at least half a dozen state-of-the-art security features.

Every diamond encased in a VULT is ethically sourced and graded by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), a non-profit body that guards the quality of the global diamond trade. In 1953 it developed the International Diamond Grading System based on cut, clarity, colour and carat weight. For those who know their diamonds, those in the VULT are all in the D to F colour range, indicating that they are colourless or near colourless. They are in the Flawless to VS1 clarity range and the cut quality is graded triple excellent. In other words, these are sensationally good diamonds. In size they range from 0.5 carats to 2.6 carats. Each diamond in a VULT has its GIA certificate number lasered into it (it’s invisible to the naked eye) and each VULT is also insured to guarantee the ownership and provenance of the diamonds. The diamonds inside VULT are impossible to alter.

Diamond experts will generally tell you that the best strategy for investing in diamonds is to buy the best quality you can afford – at least $10,000 each – and hold onto them as a long-term investment. The designers of VULT tend to agree. Although you can trade your VULT at any time through the company’s proprietary global trading platform, Secured Worldwide sees each VULT as an intelligent and luxurious investment instrument that can be treasured for generations to come. Unlike loose diamonds, your VULT is a liquid asset that offers security for you and your family’s financial future. While VULT is a hedge against inflation, deflation, financial markets and currencies, it remains a low volatility investment due to the long term stability of diamonds.


VULT’s combination of security and portability has clear advantages over other alternative stores of wealth. It’s easier to carry with you than bullion, it’s far more resilient than stamps, art or memorabilia, and unlike property it’s an investment that you can hold with you at all times, anywhere in the world. It’s also legal to carry diamonds with you wherever you travel, much like a collectible timepiece or other piece of fine jewellery.

Security is paramount in every VULT and there are three key features in place to safeguard your investment. Firstly, diamonds themselves are secure. Although appraisal values may vary, Secured Worldwide has a reputation for selecting only the finest GIA-graded, ethically sourced, natural, investment-grade diamonds, creating a high level of transparency and trust that is often absent from the diamond trade. Second is the unprecedented security found in every VULT. You cannot access the diamonds without destroying the casing and the diamonds are engraved with a GIA certification number. The third level of security is the VULT system. It includes an optical authentication system that works with their proprietary iOS and Android apps.

If and when you want to trade your VULT, those security systems make it a simple process any day of the year and any hour of the day. The encrypted data can be read by the Secured Worldwide app via smartphone, creating a secure global trading platform. With each stone graded and verified, your VULT can be bought and sold in confidence and privacy anywhere in the world. If you use the company’s trading site it will cost 1.5%, but you can sell it anywhere else, to your neighbour or even over eBay or Taobao.

VULT is available in a range of four colour-coded price points with diamonds purchased utilizing a global buying algorithm. The gold version includes diamonds valued at US$250,000, the black version at $100,000, blue at $50,000 and white at $25,000. Secured Worldwide has won the backing of the Underwriters at Lloyd’s of London for VULT’s warranty of the authenticity of every diamond in VULT units sold to consumers by Secure Worldwide. This first-ever policy backs the company’s guarantee that the diamonds contained in VULT are exactly as listed at the time of the products original sale. If at any time after purchase the diamonds in VULT are found to be otherwise, the company will refund the original purchase price or replace the product at no charge to the buyer. You can read more about this policy HERE.

To find out more about VULT, please visit the official website here. Members of The Reserve may access the site with the username and password Reserveme.

While diamonds may remain a girl’s best friend, The Reserve predicts that VULT is destined to become a diamond investor’s best friend.


VULT Inventor and CEO, Joseph Lipton, was invited to present his cutting-edge ideas about the future of global wealth at a very special TEDxFultonStreet Salon about “Things You Can’t Have” with other thought leaders in NYC.

The talk explores a breakthrough opportunity created for wealth storage and transportation where modern, patent-pending security technology is matched with the dense value of high-quality diamonds. To watch the video, click below.

Meet the VULT team:

To request an invitation to upcoming events featuring VULT or to arrange a private meeting with the experts at Secured Worldwide, please contact us at

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